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bandhavgarh tiger reserve

Bandhavgarh National Park or Bandhavgharh Tiger Reserve is located amidst the valleys and the hils of Vindhyas mountain ranges in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This bandhavgarh national park (Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve ) is well known for Royal Bengal Tiger that too in huge number. There is a royal history behind this national park. The name of the national park is ‘Bandhavgarh’ which means brothers fort. Previously this national park was a hunting ground for the Maharaja of Rewa. There is a highest hill (807m) Bandhavgarh just in the middle of the park. It is said that the hillo ck area was given to Laxman by his brother Rama in order to keep a proper watch on Lanka. That’s why this place was named as Bandhavgarh.

There is a chain of 32 smaller hills surrounding this highest hill which forms a large number of spurs and valleys with low lying areas like Rajbahera, Chakradhara, Kolua bah, Bhitri bah and many others. You can easily explore this national park by two ways bandhavgarh Jeep Safari as well as Elephant Safari. You can enjoy the services of Jeep Safari through out the day. It starts after the sunrise and ends till sunset. There are almost 25 jeeps which offer the services of Jeep safari along with a forest guide and six passengers in each of the bandhavgarh safari.You can also drive your four wheelers in Bandhavgarh National Park in order to explore it nicely but you have to take an authorized guide with you. Most of the hotels arranges the bandhavgarh jungle safari ride for the tourists and add these expenses in their sight seeing expenses. But if you interested in enjoying the services of bandhavgarh elephant safari then you can enjoy this service in morning only. With elephant safari you can enjoy the opportunity to spot out the white tigers for which it is famous. You will get the opportunity to watch the activities of a large number of species. Bandhavgarh National Park is easily accessible by train, bus or by air. It is said that the air route is the most convenient one. You can easily take a flight from Delhi and Varanasi to Khajuraho. If you want to go by train then from Bhopal, Ujjain, Jabalpur, Indore and many other places you will get the train up to umaria which is just 32 kms from Bandhavgarh. Even if you are interested for bus services, you have to reach Umaria which is just at a 45 minutes drive from Bandhavgarh National Park.